SUBI PACK was a thesis project for the final year of Illustration BFA at Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA).
Centered around my experience of moving to Portland, OR for college and learning how to cook through visiting the Portland Farmers Market, I created a capsule collection of designed goods that are both functional but also personal, as the perspective and the details in the project are all based from my view.

SUBI PACK consists of...

  1. a book called FARM GOODIES, an illustrated almanac of my gathered knowledge about the produce in Portland
  2. two postcard book sets of my favorite vendors
  3. two maps based on two major seasons for the Farmers Market at PSU park blocks
  4. three types water proof picnic blankets
  5. two types of fleece blankets
  6. three types of screen printed tote bags
  7. and two stickers to go on water bottles...or any of your belongings.

Photo credits to Alex Gregory

"I’m fascinated by the power I see in food. The connections between food to community, tradition, culture, and creativity intrigues me as an artist. Visually and historically, food seems to work as an interesting representation and symbol of the place of origin. But of all, food is a source of comfort for me."